Charles Fuller 's A Soldier 's Play Essay

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Sweat beads down his forehead as his exhausted eyes glance back and forth between the two boxes. The old creaking floorboards under his feet seem to screech with every step he takes. All of his senses seem heightened, and this causes his brain to race even faster. He worries about which life changing choice to make, which path he should follow. The world seems to be watching him as he slowly unfolds his sweaty arm to point at the box on the left. Sgt. Waters must also choose the path he must follow in life in Charles Fuller’s A Soldier’s Play. He is torn between the different ways he sees his race. In Charles Fuller’s A Soldier’s Play, Sgt. Waters expresses 3 parts of Charles Fuller’s “The Cycle of an -ism,” which may express his own conflicting views about his race; first, he buys into the definition that the oppressor has placed on him, second, he takes that hatred out on people like him, and third, he attempts to define himself in order to break the -ism.

Sgt. Waters buys into the definition placed upon black people in a way. He is more under the impression that other black men are found under the definition placed on them by the oppressors. While talking to Private Wilkie, a man he has just caught drinking while on guard duty, Sgt. Waters says, “I don’t blame the white man— why the hell would he put colored and whites together in this war?” Sgt. Waters is buying into the definition that black men like Wilkie are not worthy to fight alongside white men, which implies…

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