Charles Duhigg's The Power Of Habits

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Choices Become Habits Which Become Lifestyles

Stressed. Wobbly. Uneasy. Shaky. Triggered. Pull out cigarette. Light up. Inhale. Exhale.

Function again. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat again to the point that even the slightest

inconvenience is what prompt the cycle. This particular example is in reference to something that

unfortunately a whopping “36.5 million Americans” (CDC article, sect. 2) suffer with-- the

endless habit of smoking cigarettes. Although every single human being in existence has formed

at least one habit-- the question is, how many are truly aware of how crucial each and every

habit is toward their success, their pursuit to happiness, and their wellbeing. Unknowingly, habits

are what cause the branches to
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And each and every single human has the capability

of forming one, be it negative or positive. In Charles Duhigg’s widely praised novel, “The Power

of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” he eloquently goes beneath the surface of habits, and uniquely discusses their quiet, yet profound influence. Habits are critical to each

and every individual, because they help establish daily routines, define people, and they

ultimately determine one’s future,

Habits highly influence one’s daily routine, which is basically what life is created from..

Duhigg came up with an idea that is unparalleled-- “the habit loop”. This “loop” consists of three

sections: an initial “cue”, a “routine”, and a “reward” which can be either beneficial, or

disadvantageous in the long run.Duhigg states that all humans should have “keystone habits”,

which are habits that every human must strive for. This can include “exercising, tracking what

you eat, and having a strong willpower” (Duhigg, p.29) And although these are the habits that

humans must ideally possess, they naturally are not what humans tend to crave. When a

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