Charles Dickens ' The North Pole Essay

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Walton writes a series of letters to his sister Margaret, describing his expedition to the North Pole. At first everything is going smoothly until the boat gets stuck in a sheet of ice. Walton and the crew find a man,who is half dead, on the ice sheet and decide to bring him aboard. walton doesn 't have many friends so he is very happy to have an interesting person,who is going to tell his story tomorrow, aboard the boat.
The new guy aboard the boats name is victor Frankenstein. Even in his condition he enjoys talking. He begins his story at birth, talking about his parents Alphonse and Caroline. Victor talks about how his family adopted a girl named Elizabeth when he was five years old so he would have someone to marry. Victor did not know of these plans yet.
Victor only had two friends growing up Elizabeth and Henry Clerval. Victor then begins to talk about his teenage years, going into great detail about how science became a great interest to him
Elizabeth comes down with Scarlett fever and is nursed to health by victors mother. While helping Elizabeth get better victors mother catches Scarlett fever. She isn 't as lucky and dies several days later. Her last dying wish was for victor to marry Elizabeth. Victor then gets early admission into a university a few weeks later. When victor gets there he begins talking to his teachers and to his dismay he is told multiple times that what he has been studying is fake and completely wrong. Victor talks to his chemistry professor…

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