Essay on Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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We live within a society where social status matters the most to people and they’re being recognized by the amount of wealth they have. This wealth than leads them to pursue their goals. Goals can be either wanting to be a gentlemen, gaining the love of their life or having the desire of being rich. Both Charles Dickens and Scott Fitzgerald portray in their pieces of literature that individuals/characters are in need of having a higher social status in order to achieve their love, when in fact that status just leads to cruelty, greed and arrogance. In Charles Dickens’ Great Expectation, Pip wants to become a gentlemen because he’s in love with Estella. Therefore, in Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby returns after many years as being a rich man to gain the love he had lost before. Both men are in search of gaining their love through money.
Every individual holds a desire to become part of the upper class, as so does Pip in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectation. Pip lives with his Sister, and her husband Joe. Joe is a blacksmith with a very small income which makes them poor, and part of the lower class society. Joe taught Pip everything he knew; interaction with others along with the work of a blacksmith. However, Pip just seems to take account for what he lacks rather than realizing what he already has. When Pip is led to Miss Havisham’s world and the upper class society that’s when Pip acknowledges everything he doesn’t have. Pip realizes how much he wants to…

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