Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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Most people have someone they look up to, or someone that has taught them to be the kind of person they are. These mentors have a great amount of influence over their mentees and can encourage them to behave or think in positive or negative ways. In Charles Dickens; Great Expectations, many characters have mentors who shape them into the people they are at the end of the book. One of those mentors, Miss Havisham, was stood up at her wedding by a man who just wanted her wealth. She developed a sort of grudge against men and wanted revenge. She utilized her power over her adopted daughter, Estella and influenced her to get back at men, and taught her to break boy’s hearts. When Estella was brought to Miss Havisham’s house, Miss Havisham just wanted to teach her about how men can be mean and protect her from them. But, Estella grew older and Miss Havisham’s goal changed.
“Believe this: when she first came, I meant to save her from misery like my own. At first I meant no more. But as she grew, and promised to be very beautiful, I gradually did worse, and with my praises, and with my jewels, and with my teachings, and with this figure of myself always before her a warning to back and point my lessons, I stole her heart away and put ice in its place” (Dickens 399).
Miss Havisham did not realize how influential she could be until she was older and it was too late. Trust is very important and this kind of relationship would not work without it. The pupils will not follow what…

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