Essay Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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In Charles Dickens Great Expectations we see how the main character, Pip, has developed over the course of the book. When Pip had been sent to London he was a child still; only knowing he was to be removed from the forge and raised as a gentleman. London started to change PIp into what he thought was a gentleman. but the best of pip was only found in the marshes. Pip had an image of what his great expectations were. He was educated and financed like a gentlemen. Pip said goodbye to the people of his past, and embarcked.
London altered Pips habits with money, they are unrefined. Growing up poor, Pip was forced by his older sister to ¨put [his money] in an ornamental teapot on the top of a press in the state parlor.¨ PIp wasn’t taught how to manage money, only to save it. When he was receiving money at the beginning of his gentleman lessons he would just ask Winmick to give him more when he ran out. This too taught Pip; money was to be spent profusely, it was given, not earned. "So now, as an infallible way of making little ease great ease, [Pip] began to contract a quantity of debt." Pip had changed from saving money, as the low class boy he was, to a lavish spending gentleman. His habbits caught up to him. In chapter 57 Pip is confronted by the police telling him he is in "Hundred and twenty-three pound, fifteen, six.” in debt. A single pound was given to Pip along with knowlage of the convict through a file, that pound was a exorbent amount of money to Pip in his…

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