Essay on Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens Charles Dickens was a man who had a very rough start to his life. His luxurious lifestyle was hard to believe considering his unprivileged childhood. As a young boy he was exposed to many artistic and literary work that allowed his imagination to grow and develop in a great way. His work captured the attention of people worldwide; he taught himself to work hard at everything he set his mind to and quickly his fame increased as a writer in his mid-twenties. His early novels were very enjoyable and entertaining . While his later work focused more on important things such as social issues, in which he was so concerned throughout his whole writing career.
In many of his novels dickens described the social problems of that time, such as the condition of the poor and the working class. Most of his characters he described with sympathy and irony. Charles wrote many novels and most of them were related in some way. For example, two of Charles dickens most famous book, Oliver Twist and Great Expectation, are very similar novels. Where the main characters “Pip from Great Expectation and Oliver from Oliver Twist” were both young orphans who got through life facing many obstacles at such a young age. This novels for example showed the emotions that Dickens felt towards social conditions, and life’s necessities during the Industrial Revolution. In his novels he wrote about truth and common sense and of every aspect of life.
Charles Dicken was considered…

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