Essay on Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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AUTHOR: CHARLES DICKENS TIME PERIOD: VICTORIAN NOVEL 1800’S Theme Analysis Of Great Expectations In the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the themes show the author 's intentions of why he wrote the novel Great Expectations. The themes also express the overall idea of the novel. The major themes of Great Expectation are social class, dreams is also one of Great Expectations themes. Redemption is also one of the important themes in Great Expectations. Social class is one of the major themes because it determines how a person was treated, in the victorian era. In the novel Great Expectations social class insists of rich, middle, poor, and criminals. The rich class is made of Miss Havisham, she is an old rich woman, she is also insane. She also raises Estella to be a tool for her revenge, she takes revenge by making Estella break mens hearts. The middle class is made of Pumblechook, he is Pip 's and Joe’s uncle, he is obsessed with money. The poor class is made of Joe and Biddy, Biddy is a girl who is Pips best friend when they both went to school together. Joe is Pips brother-in-law, and the village blacksmith, he is also uneducated. The criminal class consists of Able Magwitch, who escapes from jail and terrorizes Pip, because Pip is kind, his kindness makes an impression on Magwitch that will change him forever. Another major theme is dreams because it shows how the characters in the novel…

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