Charles Dickens ' A Tale Of Cities Essay

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A novel can display multiple reasons for portraying the objective or lesson that it withholds in its binding. Charles Dickens is an English writer who tells an amazing story of controversy and struggle during the French Revolution. Throughout the novel, A Tale of Cities, Charles Dickens displays casuistry and sacrifice, through the ambiguity of his characters, Madame Defarge and Sydney Carton, by referring back to the novels message of how change is inevitable even though the majority of people will believe the era of bliss is everlasting. Through political feuds that are displayed in the book, the continuous struggle to decipher right and wrong and what is just and unjust is evident throughout the novel and the characters. The struggle between right and wrong is portrayed through the characters. For instance, Sydney Carton proves to be quintessential aspect to the novel. He starts out in the novel as a man who is drunken and miserable and has a loathing for society and its standards. To an extent he seems as if he has no value for his own life thus, drinking his problems away. “ I am a disappointed drudge, sir. I care for no man on Earth, and no man on Earth cares for me,”(Dickens, 103). This shows the flaws in him make him human yet, everyone is so concerned with perfection it causes conflict and discrepancy within the character. It was difficult to approach a single conclusive thought. There is also foreshadowing shown, here, Carton would never change or care for…

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