Charles Dickens ' A Man Of Literary Power Essay

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Charles Dickens: A Man of Literary Power
We are put into this life to help others experience, to be an example and serve with an ultimate purpose. We ourselves are made up by the way we grow up, whether we are poor, wealthy, famous, mean-spirited,or genuine ect. This ultimately guides us into the persons we become and the audience we attract and or seek. Just like people of today, Charles Dickens’ a man who had his own flaws in life, mistakes, trials and tribulations as well as his “success” has deemed beneficial to mankind in an influential way not just through his way of living and oral broadcast, but through his characters in his writings that depicts central morals and values of both human and inhuman qualities. .
Dickens gave birth to unknown elements that was rarely talked about. He has allowed topics to be relevant even until today, for example; the view of poverty ( known as “Dickensian” and the laws in which involved the poor). In his era, he was considered as the spokesman for the poor, hopeless, and dehumanized . He brought awareness to their plight. This man truly empathized with the conditions of the poor. For he, himself was poor as a child, easily casted away at such a young age, little to no schooling having to work in a factory to provide for his family while they struggle in debt and while his family was imprisoned while he collected money for bail. Charles Dickens inserted some of his memories and expressions from his childhood, in his books such as The…

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