Essay about Charles Dicken 's Great Expectations

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Guardian Devils

Pip is the main character in Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. Pip develops into a materialistic character as his love interest for distant Estella grows. As Pip grows older, many of the traits he reveals can be seen as a result of his childhood, and more specifically his relationship with his guardian Mrs. Joe. Estella also reveals many traits that could be considered the repercussions of Miss Havisham’s and Estella’s relationship. The relationship between Pip and his role models, as well as Estella and her parental influences, shape the way they develop as a character. This forces Pip to reveal traits that are in need of a more influential guardian. It also instills Estella with rejection of this figure and a desire for her own voice. Pip is mainly raised by Mrs. Joe. This relationship revealed traits in Pip that would suggest that a better influence may have been needed in Pip’s life. Mrs. Joe undoubtedly treated Pip very poorly. He was beaten and thrown at Joe, “often serv[ing] as a connubial missile.” Pip was in the “constant fear of being found out.” After every mistake that Pip makes, he accepts the repercussions and moves on, only expecting to receive them again sometime in the near future. He believes that he knows the pain that he will receive, indifferent to the possibilities. He is incapable of seeing that the punishments will never change, and that he must take action. This situation sparks the ignorance that becomes even greater trait in…

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