Charles Darwin's Influence On Individuals And Networks

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The many different networks found in The Jewel House, Fruits and Plains: The Horticultural Transformation, The Philosophical Breakfast Club, Charles Darwin: The Power of Place, and The Thrilling Adventures of Babbage and Lovelace *The (Mostly) True Story of the First Computer, contributed to the production of natural knowledge because within each of these networks, scientists exchanged their work and findings amongst each other with hopes to further natural knowledge. Amongst these scientists were James Cole, Charles Hovey, Charles Darwin, Charles Babbage, and Ada Lovelace. Each of these individual scientists were important for research and discoveries, while the networks, help spread the work of the scientists.
In the Jewel House, Lime Street
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Both individuals and networks are needed for the production of knowledge. This was seen through the work of Darwin as “his achievements were manifestly the product of highly efficient Victorian communication system” (Browne, pg. 13). Without the Victorian communication system, Darwin’s work would not have been utilized and shared with others. Many of Darwin’s discoveries and conclusions were made possible because of other scientists’ works. Another thing to note is that Darwin also “wrote and received some fourteen thousand letters,” (Browne, p.11). Communication is key in expanding natural knowledge and Darwin was able to succeed with the help of his correspondences. This reflected the same concept seen in the community found on Lime Street; letters were exchanged, and ideas were shared so that the development of natural knowledge could be …show more content…
The Republic of Letters assisted in spreading the work of the Lime Street Community scientists while the MHS aided in the work of Charles Hovey. These scientists utilized their networks to spread their work, which was also demonstrated by Darwin’s many letters that he exchanged. These networks not only assisted the scientists in spreading their work but they allowed for more involvement and recognition for those who made up the female scientist population such as Ada Lovelace and Mary Somerville. Each and every one of these scientists contributed to the production of natural knowledge in their own way. The networks they belonged to supported their research by spreading the knowledge which furthered the production of natural knowledge as

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