Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Natural Selection Essay

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Many scientists have written about how species have become to what they are today, each having their own take on how species came to be. The most common explanation is that species evolved overtime. In the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin explains how he believes species came to be through the theory of natural selection. Darwin draws on anthropology, demography, and political economy in his theory by utilizing them to support how natural selection has caused species to evolve and adapt in order to survive and become what they are today. Darwin employs anthropology to demonstrate how species have changed overtime. In the first chapter of Darwin’s Origin of Species he discusses how from his research he believes that different types of pigeons descended from the rock pigeon. This would mean that some rock pigeons changed/evolved to become these different types of pigeons that we know of today. Through Darwin’s research we see how pigeons have changed overtime. Darwin believes that “natural selection has been the main but not exclusive means of modification” (98). His theory is that through natural selection species have changed overtime in order to survive and that “we cannot suppose that all breeds were suddenly produced as perfect and as useful as we now see them” suggesting that species have evolved into what they are today (104). Darwin also discusses the diversity and variation in species that are important for survival and were most likely caused by natural…

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