Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Charles Darwin is commonly recognized as the greatest biologist of all history. The theory that made Charles Darwin famous was his theory of Evolution. Darwin, was the first at the time to come up with a theory that explained how all living species are related to each other because we have all evolved from a common ancestor. However, his theory of evolution was controversial to many Creationist which believed that God was the creator of every single species. In Darwin’s, Origin of the Species, he based his theory of Evolution heavily on Variation, and Natural Selection among each species. Darwin made a wise decision to explain the theory of Evolution based on Natural Selection, and Variation because it does a perfect job to explain how species has evolved to the non science people since the concepts are not that difficult to comprehend. Also, natural selection, and variation was the only credible information at that time that was easy to explain to the few people that did not questioned the theory to be false. The theory of Evolution has been around for centuries, but can the theory still be considered credible science despite all the new modern scientific discoveries. Darwin’s examples and observations were almost complete with minimum imperfections, so modern scientific discoveries build off Darwin’s theory by proving that the theory of evolution has not become an obsolete theory. The theory of Evolution caused a lot of controversy during its time to many creationalist…

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