Essay on Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Psychology has evolved greatly since its philosophical roots and was first founded by Wilhelm Wundt in 1879.
Psychological experimentation originally began in 700 BC in Ancient Egypt, when Pstamik I who was fascinated with language ordered children into the wild to see how their language skills would develop as, in spite of this psychology had not yet emerged as a separate discipline. Years later, in the 17th century, Rene Descartes introduced the theory of Cartesian dualism, suggesting the mind and body were separate, also distinguishing humans from animals. Descartes believed that animals acted purely on instinct whereas, humans had the ability to thought process. In 1859, Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution, indicating that humans adapt to their surroundings, and we inherit traits as at some point through evolution, those traits were necessary for human survival. Only those who evolve and are the fittest of a species will survive. Psychology was later founded in 1879 within Europe when Wilhelm Wundt set up a psychology laboratory in Leipzig Germany, where he used introspection on patients (self analysing and relaying information).(Beynard et al, 2010) Wundt studied sensation and perception in a methodical and scientific manner; recording and measuring results of patient’s introspections under controlled conditions, therefore paving the way for psychology as a new individual discipline.
The psychodynamic theory was put forward by Sigmund Freud who created an…

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