Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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When Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution, he noted that a species’ traits changed when they inhabited different environments. Similar to Darwin’s ideas, American values varied in accordance to one’s circumstances. In the early 1630s, a religious group known as the Puritans fled from England to escape persecution. Their leader, John Winthrop, delivered a sermon known as “A Model of Christian Charity” upon the arrival of their new home, America. It listed out future actions the Puritans needed to take in order to survive and establish a holy community. From another standpoint in history, romantic and transcendentalist Henry Thoreau focused his ideals on fundamental values an individual needs to live a meaningful life. Thoreau abandoned city life and lived humbly with nature over the span of one year, and wrote Walden to express his new-found beliefs on life’s significant matters. In 1851, former slave Sojourner Truth appeared in front of women’s rights advocates from all over the country and gave reasoning to why women deserve equal rights as men. Throughout American history, significant figures coming from different backgrounds and social positions contributed to the development of the American identity, with Winthrop 's emphasis on the community, Thoreau 's belief in focusing on the individual, and Truth’s argument of equality for all.
Winthrop explained in “A Model of Christian Charity” that in order for the Puritans to survive in the New World, they needed to…

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