Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Charles Darwin is known as one of the greatest naturalist in world history. He spent years traveling aboard the “Beagle” to collect specimens and record data to understand and develop theories. During his time Darwin faced many struggles when developing his theory of evolution, it being a far-reaching idea at the time. Knowing his theory would go against religious beliefs he waited two decades before showing his work to the public. When he finally released his work and the books he had written the theories were still not widely accepted but began to make people rethink their place on the planet. This paper will examine his voyages aboard “The Beagle” to south America and the Galapagos islands, as well as his work on “Natural selection” and Evolution.
The voyage that Charles was to be on was “under the command of Captain FitzRoy”.1 Captain Robert FitzRoy was looking for a naturalist to accompany him on the second voyage of “The Beagle”. Through a friend Darwin heard about FitzRoy’s offer and although he did in fact join “The Beagle” he was close to not going. Darwin’s father felt that his son should not go on the expedition but was later convinced to let him go. Also FitzRoy thought Charles was incompetent merely based on the size of his nose. Eventually Darwin “joined the Beagle as a Naturalist” he collected specimen of plants and animals as well as took detailed notes in the many journals he brought with him. Another of Darwin’s jobs was to dissect and describe each of his…

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