Essay about Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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By July of 1925, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was 66 years old and well-established in the scientific community. Based on the controversy boiling in one Tennessee courtroom, however, one might have thought that the theory was published just the day before the trial. The State of Tennessee versus John Scopes trial, better known as the Scopes Monkey trial, was the first time that biology education standards were seriously debated. John Scopes, a teacher, was accused of teaching evolution when state law banned such instruction. Though the judge found Scopes guilty, the case for evolutionary instruction was made. In 1967, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Tennessee’s ban on the teaching of evolution was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of church and state (Hudson, 2015). Currently, all U.S. states are required to include evolution in their science curricula, but in recent years, many have attempted to add the study of creationism or intelligent design to the biology curriculum, claiming that is an equal alternative to evolution (Masci, 2009). Creationism and evolution are equal only in that people can profess belief in both of them. However, unlike the theory of evolution, the “theory” of creationism lacks empirical evidence and other scientific support. Furthermore, whereas the theory of evolution has no religious affiliation, creationism is based solely on religious texts. In the objective, secular context of a biology classroom,…

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