Essay on Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution And Creationism

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Throughout the decades there has been the debate about plants and organisms and how they evolve or change. The debate is between Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and creationism or intelligent design. The main theory that has the most credibility for evolution is from Charles Darwin, called the Theory of Evolution. “Evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form” (Creation vs. Evolution Controversy). Darwin thought of his theory while on a five year expedition. “They sailed off two days after Christmas in 1831 aboard the survey ship H.M.S Beagle with Darwin acting as an unpaid naturalist and gentleman companion for the aristocratic captain” (Early Theories of Evolution). “Darwin was twenty-two years old at the time” (Early Theories of Evolution). “Darwin was at sea for only eighteen months during his five year expedition” (Early Theories of Evolution). Part of the expedition included a 5 week-long visit to the Galápagos Islands (Early Theories of Evolution). “It was there that he made the observations that eventually led him to comprehend what causes plants and animals to evolve, but he apparently did not clearly formulate his views on this until 1837” (Early Theories of Evolution). “On the Galapagos Islands he noticed the slight variations that made tortoises from different islands recognizably distinct. He also observed a whole array of unique finches, the famous “Darwin’s finches,” that exhibited…

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