Charles Darwin 's The Origin Of Species Essays

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Prompt 1 One of the greatest and most renowned biologists of all time, Charles Darwin, wrote a fantastic novel The Origin of Species. The Origin of Species begins with an extraordinary image of existence as coexistence. Darwin describes this through the process of how multiple beings rely on each other for survival. Morton describes this as, “Water and air are like hair and feathers. Living and nonliving beings become the medium in which other beings exist.” (Morton 61) He also goes on to say, “There is no static background. What we call Nature is monstrous and mutating, strangely strange all the way down and all the way through.” (Morton 61) Morton is describing that the evolution of the beings that live on Earth has been a strange cascade of mutations resulting in the strange and vast variety of beings that exist today. Now interpreting these beings and how they are named/related/viewed today did not happen in the past like it does today, “Causality works backward. You can name something only retroactively.” (Morton 62) An example to explain is that, dinosaurs existed way back in time; we identify pictures or skeletons of them and classify them by those specific features. But, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth they were not identified as dinosaurs. They did not have species names. They were simply beings roaming the Earth. Through records and scientific analysis we can identify and give these past species names, hence retroactively. This has been done with all beings that…

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