Charles Darwin Evolution Research Paper

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Slide 2 - Evolution

First of all i will be talking about the theory of evolution in general. I be talking about Charles Darwin’s theory and give an explanation of how he brought together his findings over a 30 year period to develop his theory and write his book; The Origin of species by means of natural selection.

Slide 3 - Evolution

Charles Darwin spent 5 years on a voyage studying the variation in plants and animals. Through doing this he made the discovery of animals of the same species having different characteristics depending on their location.

The main idea of this theory is that every species has developed from simple life forms. It is believed that these simple life forms existed around 3 billion years ago and this
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They were all very similar to each other but varied in size, beak shape and claws.
He discovered that the beaks had evolved depending on the food source available on each island. On an island where the main food source was insects, the finches had longer thinner beaks to enable them to get into smaller spaces to reach their prey. These were the finches that were more successful as they had less competition for food, meaning that the population of insect eating finches increased.
However many of the finches continued to eat seeds, this led to a lot of competition between these species meaning that the population remained stable but did not increase.
The islands are distant from the mainland, Darwin used this as a factor to conclude that these adaptations must have happened over a long period of
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One of these is retinal dysplasia which occurs within the bedlington as a pup, by the time it has reached 8 weeks of age. This means that by the time they are 8 weeks it will obvious if they have this retinal condition.
Another 2 of the disorders Copper-Storage Hepatopathy - This is a condition caused by abnormal amounts of copper being stored within the dog’s liver which can lead to damage and therefore scarring. This can be caused by primary genetic disease. This is a disease that is more common in females rather than males.
This reason behind this disease could be the lack of a specific gene coding that is in the makeup of a liver protein which is then involved within the excretion of copper.
Slide 12 - Breed societies

What are breed Societies?
These are clubs or associations that are specific to a certain breed of animal. They can have many different roles but they mainly provide a first point of contact if you have any questions relating to that specific

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