What Is Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution?

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First of all i will be talking about the theory of evolution in general. I be talking about Charles Darwin’s theory and give an explanation of how he brought together his findings over a 30 year period to develop his theory and write his book; The Origin of species by means of natural selection.

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Charles Darwin spent 5 years on a voyage studying the variation in plants and animals. Through doing this he made the discovery of animals of the same species having different characteristics depending on their location.

The main idea of this theory is that every species has developed from simple life forms. It is believed that these simple life forms existed around 3 billion years ago and this process can also be referred to as ‘The survival of the Fittest’.

Adaptation - There are many reasons for why a species may need to adapt, including the introduction of new species and more competition for territory and food sources, environmental changes such as climate change and deforestation. These are just a few of the reasons why animals adapt and this is how a species works genetically to prevent extinction.
This process can be observed now with the problems of resistance to antibiotics. Some bacteria have adapted making them resistant
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A group of young foxes in captivity were assessed every month, once they had reached 1 year of age, on their reaction to humans in various different circumstances. The foxes with the least aggression by the time they reached their point of sexual maturity were then bred to pass on this trait. This progressed over 40 years and the end result is a domesticated fox. However, the temperament has not been the only thing to have changed in these animals, some have developed different markings, floppy ears, curled tails and the ability to wag their tails. These domesticated foxes are now much more similar to dogs than they are to their

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