Charismatic People Are Good Communicators Essay

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Charismatic people are good communicators. In order to get people on your side – to understand your vision and to believe in it – you have to be able to share the message loud and clear. If you aren’t articulate, your subordinates won’t be able to understand what you are envisioning.
There are two key aspects to articulation in terms of charismatic leadership. First, it simply means being a better communicator and being able to talk about complex issues to people in a way they understand. In the business world, the key is to explain the why, the how, and the when. You need to explain the reason or the vision behind the action, clarify what is needed in order to get to the objective and ensure people know how fast this all should be accomplished.
But the second aspect of articulation and communication relates to the understanding of your subordinates. Charismatic leadership requires you to be able to read people and select the right motivations for inspiring them. Therefore, you need to be able to analyse your audience and select the right communication style for each occasion.
If you’d like to improve your own communication abilities, especially in terms of getting your message across, watch the below YouTube clip. On it, Julian Treasure explains how to speak in a way that ensures people listen.



Charismatic leaders must be sensitive, both in reading people’s emotions and ambitions, but also in showing them…

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