Charismatic Leadership And Self Leadership Essay

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Charismatic Leadership and Self-leadership
The authors start with presenting the relations between employee and organization and suggest that to use empowerment strategy for organization to encourage employee commitment and do change. Thus, the authors propose that increasing the number of organization leaders and higher levels of organization commitment become essential topics in changing organizational management. The author proposes that in time instability in the organization, organization in need a new leadership style, and the charismatic leadership, defined as the transformation effects charismatic leaders have on followers, is accepted generally in organization as the influence of change and innovation. The author proposes another style of leadership called self-leadership, this type of leadership is a self-influencing process where the individuals are behavioral, emotional, and thoughtful self-managed, which in turn, enrich their personal effectiveness. The authors suggest that training employees to become self-leadership help them to make do with challenges and may cause positive perceptions for them through their competency and immediate work climate. The three purported outcomes of this training, the authors propose, are psychological empowerment, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The authors introduce organizational commitment as the relation between employee and organizational commitment, but its generally mistreated as linkages, in fact the…

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