Essay Charismatic Leadership : A Charismatic Leader

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Charismatic Leadership Max Webber introduced this theory and he suggested that it is mainly about one 's personality. That has since advancing by the different theorist, the charismatic leader has a strong personality that sets them apart and often times praised by their followers for their heroism traits. They achieve successful cooperation as results of relationship building; they also tend to motivate which create room for innovation and sustainable advantages. In addition, charismatic leaders have the aptitude of foresight, command, secure and vibrant presences (Bransman & Givant; 1975; Willner 1968).

Democratic Leadership
This type of leadership has earned its place within the leadership style applications. These leaders engage its team sharing ideas and knowledge evaluating it extract the best one that facilities and support the best decisions. In which of course, this communication process is most time cascaded. The democratic leader tends to be open, Kurt in his literature opined that these leaders have a tendency to express their priorities and values by setting goals and making decisions. Making these decisions may influence the organization positively as it identifies employee’s potential, which helps to foster innovation and ideas. It is essential to understand that each person’s expertise is needed in a changing environment. On the other hand, it may be a situation of concern, when a decision is to be made quickly, which can trigger confusion due to the…

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