The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Agatha May Clarissa Miller was born in Devon, England in 2890, and she was the youngest of three children in a very well to do family. As a young child, she never did attend school, but she always found ways to keep herself occupied from a very young age. Since a young child, she was a very shy child, who was unable to express her feelings, but turning toward music was her first resort and later on in life she turned to writing. At the age of 24, in 1914, she married her husband Archie Christie, who was a pilot in WWI. While he was away, she was working as a nurse and this is when she began writing a detective novel. At the age of 30, she wrote the book “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.” The book initiates with …show more content…
James Sheppard. Not only is he the individual that is narrating the whole book to us, but he is also the doctor who would do anything for his sister. Dr. Sheppard, who is the antagonist, is the kind of person that is up to date on any gossip in town, and would be able to tell you anything that you would wish to know. Out of the blue, Dr. Sheppard becomes what we would call a tag along, and starts to investigate the murder of Mr. Roger with Poirot. Not only is he fascinated by Poirot’s skills, but yet be starts to accumulate all the skills and tricks in a small note book, and little is he aware of he is a person of interest. The next character which is the protagonist goes by the name Hercule Piorot. Not only is the individual known as not wanting to give up on the murder of Mr. Roger, but he quickly becomes the person of great interest by many individuals around time. Lastly, another antagonist in this novel would have to be Mr. Roger Ackroyd. He is known as being killed not long after the book has started, but he has completely changed his own personality. As the book first began, he was known as the old man that was always full of joy, converting to someone that was not afraid of his of shadows in the dark. I do believe that Hercule Piorot, was a very sympathetic character, the reason is because this situation can be related to life today. No matter the situations in life, whenever you have someone that always seems to want to be involved and wants to help, they are always the once that are being suspected of being involved. This may sound kind of bazaar, but the reason is because souls think that mortals try to be involved and making sure that they are not caught, but on the other hand, Piorot was a character that was truly trying to achieve the mystery in the murder of Mr.

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