Characters And Antagonists In White Fang By Jack London

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White Fang is a novel detailing the life of a wolf cub who faces many trials throughout his life. This book was written by Jack London. It is set in the Yukon territory of Canada in the 1880s. This story is fictional and told in third person point of view. This point of view helps the reader understand not only the thoughts of White Fang, but others around him. The protagonist of this story is White Fang. There are many antagonists in this book. One of these antagonists is White Fang himself. Throughout the entire book he has to balance his natural instinct with what is right. Another antagonist of this book is Beauty Smith, an abusive owner who acquires White Fang from Gray Beaver. Another antagonist of this book is nature. Nature itself …show more content…
One important character in this book is Gray Beaver, who owns White Fang for a few years before selling him to Beauty Smith. Another important character is Weedon Scott, the first master who shows kindness toward White Fang. The story begins before White Fang is born, with two men named Henry and Bill and their team of sled dogs travelling to the Yukon Territory in Canada. A large pack of wolves follow them for days and eat Bill and the sled dogs. The pack also attempts to kill Henry, but they flee when they hear a group of people coming. The story then turns to the pack, who finally kill a moose and end the famine. Once the pack splits up, the story follows a she-wolf and One Eye, who have a litter of five cubs. After multiple famines, only one cub survives, and One Eye is killed while trying to rob food from a lynx’s den. One day, the cub comes across a group of Native Americans. The she-wolf comes to rescue the cub, and Gray Beaver recognizes the she-wolf as Kiche, his brother’s wolfdog. Gray Beaver then keeps Kiche and the cub, who he names White Fang. The dogs in the Indian camp see White Fang as a wolf and immediately try to attack him. One dog, Lip-lip, constantly singles out White Fang. White Fang is separated

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