Walter Movie Analysis

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Between the two Walters they are very different in the story and the movie. Characterization between the two are different. Walter in the story daydreams the whole time, but Walter in the movie stops daydreaming because his life got better. The theme is very different between the two because the story is about escaping life, but the movie is outgoing and never give up.The two Walters have nothing in common except daydream. Between the Walters there are three main things that are different between which is the characterization, plot structure, and the theme.
Daydreams between the two Walters are very different which helps the statement of them not being the same. Walter in the story has daydreams of being a war hero or important, but Walter in the movie has daydreams of standing up for himself or about Cheryl. Mitty expresses no fear while even though he knows the plane needs more than one person to fly it, he says “ I’ll fly alone” (Thurber 4). This states on how most times he likes to be a hero of
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Story Walter has daydreams throughout the story because his life is boring and he wants it to be more interesting. When walter was in the car daydreaming and his wife snapped him out of it she “It’s one of your days”(Thurber 1). She is saying that he has those days when he just daydreams. Walter in the movie has less daydreams towards the end of the movie. Todd and Walter were at the airport and Todd asked “Have you been having daydreams lately” and Walter replied “not much.” Before Walter did his adventure he was not interesting, but after his adventure his life was more exciting so he didn’t have much daydreams anymore. This helps to show that the two Walters are different and to show that the movie has a better story because wanting to daydream of a better life is not right wanting a better life by making it better is the right thing to

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