Characteristics Of Virtual Teams

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Register to read the introduction… Because of this, virtual teams were created to overcome the demographic nature of business. Virtual teams meet, at least part of the time, electronically using groupware, email, audio or video conferencing. Virtual teams are successful because of these types of medium. Virtual teams are successful because they bring cost-effectiveness and speed to the team. The computer now acts as the "go-between" among the team members. This can have an affect on inter-social skills among the members.
A high-performance team is a group of individuals with the same goal. This team contains all the necessary skills to succeed in reaching a goal. Because teams are self-supporting, this allows for teams to rely on each other for information sharing and problem-solving. Cultural diversity, if embraced, can bring strength to the team. Cultural diverse teams are one of the biggest advantages in today's business world, if one can unlock the team's potential. Whichever team company possess, having a good leader to bring it all together is the difference between a group and a high-performing

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