Characteristics Of Video Game Addiction

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For the Love of the game; how video game addiction impacts adult’s lives

Femi B. Ayinde
Dr. Richey
Amberton University
October, 2014 Personal Journey I have loved video games since I was a child. I can remember playing video games 8-10 hours straight on a daily basis. My mother use to yell at me for playing video games all day and forced me to take a break just so I could eat. It was something about good video games that captured your attention and lead you to keep playing. The farther I got on the games, the more I had to find out what the next level or mission had in store. It was an addiction; I loved the way I felt after conquering a game. I felt a sense of pride, a feeling that I can only describe as being on top
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The study will benefit video game addicts by serving as a reference or guide to teach them how to deal with video game addiction. It will help future gamers by helping them to identify characteristics of video game addiction and steps to take to avoid becoming a video game addict. The study will help families who have video game addicts in their households by identifying signs/symptoms and learning how to treat addiction. The proposed study will help people overall develop a deeper understanding of video game addiction and the meaningful impact it could have on a person’s life. The proposed study will help future researchers and serve as a learning …show more content…
In a WebMD feature on the definition of addiction, psychiatrist Michael Brody, MD, set forth the following criteria: 1.The person needs more and more of a substance or behavior to keep them going. 2. If the person does not get more of the substance or behavior, they become irritable and miserable (Rauh, 2006 p.1). While addiction is a primary concern in today’s society, whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc., becoming addicted to video games has become a controversial topic. Many people believe that video game addiction is a modern-day psychological disorder that is becoming more popular by the minute. Unlike with substance abuse the biological aspect of video game addiction is uncertain. In the newly-released Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), Internet Gaming Disorder has been included among the conditions being considered for future study and possible addition to later DSM editions. At this time, however, video game addiction (GA) is not considered to be a mental disorder (Vitelli, 2013). Many mental health professionals feel that video games are similar to gambling as an addictive process. Researchers estimate that about 10 percent of gamers display addictive

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