Characteristics Of Value Of Tourism Essay

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Question 1
Characteristics of tourism- related to real journeys-
-A characteristic of tourism is perishability, this relates to Real Journeys because once you have brought and used your ticket for the Real Journeys trip you may not use that same ticket again by another person. Same goes for the customer service you will receive on the Real Journeys trip, you will never get that exact customer service back again. You will never have identical customer service.
-Another Characteristic that relates to Real Journeys is that the customer must physically visit the place where they wish to consume. This relates because you need to physically go to the Real Journeys trip in Fiordland to partake in it you are not able to pack up the boat and send it anywhere else.
-Another characteristic of tourism is that both tourists and the tourism activity will almost always have an impact on the local community. This relates to Real Journeys as the product will almost always impact the community for example Fiordland is well known and has become a lot more popular and visited since Real Journeys was created. Having real journeys in Fiordland has also brought in many tourists which has brought money to the community.
Question 2
3 key participants-
If I owned Waitomo Adventures I would have contact with my Regional tourism organisation (RTO 's) I would have this because RTO 's are New Zealand professionals who can assist your company by sharing information on the Waitomo area and they will…

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