Essay on Characteristics Of Truly Unique Leaders

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Characteristics of truly unique leaders

With the changes being made to improve formal education in the United States, African Americans remained one of the last groups to be considered part of these changes. From slavery to segregation, many African American leaders withstood these obstacles to uplift the black community. Among these leaders, were Frederick Douglass and W.E.B DuBois. Douglass’ anti-slavery movement helped slaves gain their freedom. He believed individuals needed to be educated well enough to understand the consequences of slavery. On the other side DuBois advocated for social equality because he believed african americans were capable to take on important roles in society. Despite of their difference ,it is evident to say that their attitude towards education has shaped the American educational system of today. Douglass and DuBois perspectives on betterment for black education were influenced by the different hardships they experienced. During the pre-Civil war period, a leader, Frederick Douglass was born into the institution of slavery ; growing up, he was exposed to brutality and racial injustice. After he moved to Auld’s plantation, he had the opportunity to learn how to read and write with the assistance of his mistress(Douglass 32). Because education was still a private matter , it was up to the family that owned the slave to decide whether or not they would provide some education to the slave (Cite lecture) and the Auld family initially…

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