Characteristics Of The Silent Generation

In today’s workforce, there are four generations working side by side. These generations include the silent generation, the baby boomers, Gen X, and the millennials. Each one brings different things to the workplace such as work ethic, technology, and values. These generations are all unique in their own way. Although there are differences, there are some similarities. This research paper will be a compare of the characteristics and values of each generation.
The first generation would be the the silent generation also known as the traditionalist. This generation includes anyone born between 1922 through 1945. “About 95% of the silent generation are retired from the workforce today” (Johnson, n.d.). The few who are still in the workforce are
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“Once in the workforce, they become loyal to their employers which are why most the silent generation work for the same employer for their whole career” (Johnson, n.d.). they didn’t believe in changing jobs to develop their careers like the younger generations. the silent generation is also much more submissive when it comes to authority. The silent generation was trained to respect and admire authority. The silent generation usually works well in a group and normally don’t test authority or cause conflict in the workplace. Of all four generations in today 's workplace, the silent generation is sluggish to changing their work habits. Mostly because they’ve done the same things for so long and have become comfortable with certain things. they are less tech-savvy than younger generations than themselves. With technology changing so rapidly in the workplace, the silent generation will have the hardest time embracing the technology and work progressions. The silent generation holds traditional morals, safety, and security in high regard. They also are supporters of traditionalism, commitment, and reliability. In the workplace, they prefer conservative business situations with a high-low chain of …show more content…
They have great expectations for themselves, coworkers, and employers. They go out of their way to find and complete challenges in the workplace. Millennials respect authority is not scared to go against the grain to obtain their goals. Producing significant work and being innovative are at the top of the list of priorities for millennials. Millennials are team players and performs better when they can bounce ideas off one another and receive constructive criticism. In the workplace, millennials are committed to their work, they are loyal, and they keep themselves included in things. Millennials are said to be attention seekers because they love to be commended and to receive constant

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