Essay on Characteristics Of The Service Manor

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Although both theories compliment each other TQS is more suited to larger businesses whilst entrepreneurial aspirations focus primarily on smaller firms.
An essential part to the implementation of TQS is that companies must have clear objectives in order to be successful in defining quality. These objectives consist of the identification of the customer and the identification of the service manor that needs to be used. Stamatis (1996) rightly explores how this could vary depending on the size and nature of the business, as the objectives for successful quality service will vary from business to business. Service manor can be split into three main categories - providing helpfulness, kindness and patience. Although there should be a combination of all three used when implementing TQS, Kelmz (1999) would suggest that in reality this not always achievable. Aforementioned, for larger businesses, helpfulness (responsiveness) would be the leading aspect of the service manor compared to smaller companies who would likely choose patience (empathy). Stamatis (1996) does however note this by agreeing that implementing all three elements of service manor can be difficult however is a vital step towards the successful adaptation of TQS.

Measurements of service quality
Regardless of the strategy or theory used for implementation of customer service it is universally accepted that there is no standard or concrete measurement for customer service (Lash 1989). This is primarily due to…

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