Characteristics Of The Process For Students With Disabilities

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1. List and describe Issacson 's (2007) four characteristics of the process approach in which the teacher introduces the student to the entire process of writing. For each characteristic, explain why this is important for students with disabilities (2 pts each = 8 pts)
The process should be modeled. The teacher shows the students how to utilize their notes to create sentences, and demonstrates how to organize information and by questioning the topic. The teacher also demonstrates to the students how to check their draft for mistakes or many improvements for the final copy. This is important because often students with disabilities struggle to organize their thoughts and ideas. This would help them understand how to sequence their information facilitating the writing process.
The process can be collaborative. Opportunities for the students to collaborate with a partner, the teacher, small groups, or as class during different activities or during a lesson. This is important because students with disabilities can benefit from working with others. Another classmate may just say something using a terminology that may make more sense for the student(s). Collaboration can also work as a way to encourage or excite the student about a topic.
The process can be prompted. Prompts can be used to help guide the students during their writing process. This can be done in many ways, for instance by helping the students get started with their first sentence of their essay or by allowing…

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