Characteristics Of The Peak Performers Essay

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Peak performers are those who does what it takes to become a lifelong learner. They know how to manage time and stress well. Learning to balance the two is a great quality of a peak performer. They plan goals and they do what they have to do to achieve these goals. They go the extra mile to becoming successful. Peak performers come from all lifestyles, ages,cultures, and genders.(Bethel University,2013,p.11). They have the right attitude and behavior to achieve the goals that they desire. They are ordinary people who control the actions in their lives. They know how to overcome obstacles. They are masters not victims of life situations. (Bethel University,2013,p.12). They go above and beyond the measures in becoming a successful individual. These individuals take responsibility for their mistakes and learn how to correct them. They make no excuses for things they want out of life. They are strong driven and determined to make a better way out of life.

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Graduating from college has always been a life goal for me. I know returning to school many years later will become challenging at times, but I 'm willing to do what it takes to make this goal a reality. I will be open to learn new tasks and subjects. Although, I have a family to take care of, a job to go to everyday,and classwork that must be done in a timely fashion, I will create balance…

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