Bible: The Holy Spirit

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If you look and read through the bible, it displays the holy spirit as a person that has the same equality of the father and jesus. The spirit is also referred to one of the three personalities of the trinity which are the father the son and the holy spirit. the divine characteristics of the holy spirit can be seen in the process of the creation of the world in the book of genesis. In genesis 1:1 it obviously says god created the heavens and the earth but the holy spirit was there in the beginning too.In 1:2 some people described it as the holy spirit hovering above a formless dark empty earth and actually participated in the creation.

The biggest problem with the holy spirit divinity is that some people think it 's a person others believe
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The Holy Spirit plays a role in our life by guiding us to the right path. ever since adam and eve was kicked out of the garden of eden he has been the guider to the right path for man. There are many passages in the bible where the holy spirit shows he helped man. But he even helped the son and the father. As jesus was on earth he was helped and also guided by the holy spirit. One example of this is when jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days beings tempted by Satan. The holy spirit was there helping jesus make the right decision. Even though jesus is god he was also Man at this time so he could have fallen into temptation.

There are many characteristics of the Holy Spirit in the bible he comfort those who need it he listen to those who speak to him, he is all knowing and the most important one of them all is that he is loving. In core thins 2 10 is where his knowledge or all knowing is described as him knowing more than man. The reason he has a lot of knowledge is that he shares his knowledge with the Father and the son, so everything they know he knows and more. The reason he need this characteristic is because he need to know how to approach each and every single person the way they need to be
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Yo focus on what the world seems as a suitable life for you. Things like this would push you to your rock bottom really quick. The holy spirit is talking to you throughout all this but as most people do is ignore the signs. If you ignore the signs and you repent and give your life to Christ. The holy Spirit will forgive you. Because he is loving he will already understand your struggles. No matter what you done or said he will always love you and show you love.

Falling under his loving characteristic is his listening characteristic. Listening is also a major characteristic because without listening he can not hear your plea for help. In john 16:13 is evidence that he listen. The holy spirit doesn 't just listen to pleas for help but he also listen to words of thanks and all prayers.

The way the holy spirit listen to all of us is that he lives in all of us even the non believers. As a result of the Holy Spirit living In us we have have his characteristics or christianity calls it gifts. Theses gifts range from listening to guiding. Everybody has a gift and it 's up to us to use it for good or use it for

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