Characteristics Of The Baptist Subculture

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The Christian subculture, in particular the Protestant, Baptist division is a subculture of those that hold the same value, symbol and practices of the Baptist denomination of Christianity. This subculture allows individuals to separate themselves from not only the American society as a whole but also everyone in the Christianity religion that doesn’t necessarily share the same values as them but to connect with those that do. Often times when you think of christianity the first things that come to mind is the many negative stereotypes, such as hypocrites, uptight, judgmental, and homophobic. These stereotypes are pretty accurate for the member of the subculture, in particular the older generation. In a recent interview I asked another member …show more content…
Many believe we like to tell others how to live their life when in fact we are doing the same thing and engaging in the same activities. They think of us as “the sin police” ( Outsiders often feel like we’re quick to tell them that their way of living is wrong and that they should do the opposite or be like us and follow in our footsteps, yet we’re still doing the same thing they are, if not worst. Outsiders tend to forget that just like them we are human and make mistakes too. In the Christian community there are certain things you shouldn’t partake in due to the belief of it being a sin such as drinking, lying and sex before marriage, and gossiping about one another. Outsiders consider us to be hypocrites because they feel that we are quick to preach the gospel and tell them they are welcomed to come as they are in the church but we turn around and judge them because of the sins they confess or they partake in. This also give them the perception that all Christian baptists are not only hypocritical but also judgmental.From observations I’ve seen people who associate themselves with this subculture judge another by their choice of living yet turn around and do the same thing or they dismiss the fact that they were once that same person their judging just in a prior lifetime before they were believed to have been forgiven and remade over. Outsiders also believe that we always act as if we’re always right and that if your way of living don 't accommodate to ours then you’re wrong ( The validity of both stereotypes are pretty high.This judgmental mentality however is only true for those that are closed minded and stuck only in their way of living ,which would be the older generation of

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