Characteristics Of The Army Profession Essay

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There are many different types of professions, but few that hold the inherent trust of the American people. The professionals in these fields are the ones people rely heavily on when their lives literally depend on it, such as – doctors, fire fighters, police officers, and Soldiers. In essence, that trust was required in order for those professions to come existence, and is a continued requirement for those within the professions to succeed. ADRP 1-0, references the five characteristics of the Army profession, highlighting trust as the “bedrock of our profession.” It also states the other four – military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship – all feed into the maintenance of that trust.
The Army’s ability to fulfill its strategic roles and discharge its responsibilities to the Nation depends on – Trust between Soldiers, Trust Between Soldiers and Leaders, Trust Soldiers and Army Civilians, Trust between Soldiers, their Families, and the Army, and Trust between the Army and the American people.”1

While this trust is a vital necessity for the Army profession, the whole basis for this trust is that the organization consists of honorable people. The Army must have people who – without hesitation – move into action decisively, morally, ethically, and legally when lives are at stake. Honorable service is at the core of the Army Values and is the most important characteristic of the Army Profession.1 “Developing trust takes time, and it must be…

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