Characteristics Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is an act of violent and coercive crime that is almost universally condemned. However, there has never been a true agreement stating what qualifies as an act of terror. In today’s society terrorism is viewed by most as an act of evil, however there is no universal agreement on what terrorism actually defines, and certain acts that are defined as terrorism can be justified under certain circumstances. Terrorism also includes government leaders using suppression on its citizens. After the September 11th attacks on the United States in 2001, terrorism received a new public image as being. Terrorists were no longer viewed as “bomb throwing anti-Christ’s” like they were depicted in the `19th century. These attack also proved that terrorism …show more content…
While most people see terrorism as a horrendous, they do not truly understand what terrorism is defined as William Shugart argues that when defining terrorism you must ask the following questions. Is guerrilla warfare the same as terrorism? Does terrorism include political assassination or kidnap of a leader? Can the term terrorism be defined when the state supresses its own citizens? Can terrorism be a transitional power for a country? And must terrorists originate from the same country? . Contemporary scholars agree that terrorism has four distinct characteristics that describe the traits of terrorism. The first trait is that terrorism is violence that is for political effect and gain. Second that terrorism is a “planned systematic art”. Third terrorists are not bound to follow special rules of warfare and codes of conduct. Last, terrorism is bound to cause political repercussions beyond the victim or target. Andrew Valls states that in the political world, political actors to paint their opponents as monsters can use terrorism for political …show more content…
Terror is seen as an extreme state of fear; different things can horrify different people. Therefore according to Jaggar, terrorism can simply be anything that horrifies an individual; therefore there cannot be a standard definition for what is an act of terror. Under this analogy animal abuse and acts or threats of violence and abuse can be viewed as a terrorist act. Andrew Valls believes that most definitions of terrorism have one or two difficulties. First is that they define terrorism as murder that unjustifiable and wrong. This makes people come to a moral confusion to quickly that terrorism is always a horrible act. The second difficulty is that it is often use as a “dirty word” or political weapon. Ordinary English makes naturally has fear in coercion in the word terrorism to make terrorism that makes us draw conclusion that makes terrorism always sound like it is an unjustifiable violent act. Valls quotes Carl Wellman’s use of the word terrorism a “ the attempted use of terror for purposes of

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