Characteristics of Successful Online Students Essay

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Identifying Characteristics of Successful Online Students

James Holcombe
Liberty University
201520 Spring 2015 INFT 101-B69 LUO

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Taken directly from God’s Word, I was reminded by my Professor this week of one of my favorite verses from the book of Isaiah. Interestingly enough, before I began my venture into higher education, I was scared: scared of failure, scared of the commitment it would require, and even scared of the possibility that I just might not be cut out for the task ahead. This verse, Isaiah 41:10, along with several other Scriptures, helped to assure me that
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So how can we most effectively manage our role as an online student, especially when so many of us are also at the same time managing several other equally important responsibilities? It has been studied and noted that most online students choose distance learning over traditional education specifically because of scheduling concerns, and for the flexibility of “attending class” and completing assignments at their own pace. (Bocchi, Eastman, & Swift, 2004; Boyd, 2002; Richards & Ridley, 1997; Schrum & Hong, 2002). However, as Taormino adds, “online learning does not mean that less time will be expended in the learning process. Time requirements for online courses vary, but estimates range from 4 hours per week to 20 hours per week.” (Illinois Online Network, 2007; Schrum & Hong, 2002). Boyd (2004) states that "in short, successful online students are highly motivated by their goals and their ability to shape their learning experience" (p. 35). As stated by Schrum and Hong (2002), "people may believe distance education is quick or easy, however, they quickly learn that many programs challenge the learner with reading and writing assignments" (p. 62). For us to be successful, we must take into account all of these factors as well as the outside forces in our day-to-day lives that may affect our ability to succeed. Most

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