Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs - Do You Have Them?

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15 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs - Do You Have Them?
By Charles Kiyimba
Nov 24, 2011
Most people are longing to start their own businesses. But do they know what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs? What about you? Which characteristics of successful entrepreneurs do you bring in the business you have or you intend to begin? Before going any further into the details, let me define an entrepreneur as someone, who makes money by starting businesses with some kind of financial risk-taking involved. Is that what you are?

Well, every person joins business with various reasons. These reasons usually determine the performance of the business. I have discovered that many people think that success in business depends upon being highly educated, having lots of money and a supportive family. However, the bottom line of success in your business is motivation, fuelled by the desire to achieve and the enthusiasm to do your business. A highly motivated person tends to behave in a certain way that leads to success and it 's a distinguishing factor of all successful entrepreneurs. How motivated are you?

Through this article, allow me to share with you 15 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that are fundamental to building a successful business. If your aim is to become a successful entrepreneur, then it 's high time you started acquiring the following behaviors.

1. BE AN INNOVATOR. One of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to…

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