Physical Therapy Characteristics

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The articles I collected focused on when it’s best for patients to receive occupational or physical therapy and the personality traits of occupational and physical therapists. These articles were published in scientific journals concerned with articles similar in subject. The journals and articles within the journals are written in expectation that other occupational therapists (OTs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational and physical therapy students, and other health care professionals will read them. Since authors of these articles have written them under the assumption that professionals in fields related to the occupational and physical therapy professions will read their articles, the authors conduct studies to determine if there is a significant …show more content…
These articles also had the same format for the text. The text was arranged in a style with two columns and separated the sections with bold headings. The two column format makes the article more visually appealing and easier to read due to the shorter line width. Within these articles the different sections are separated by bold heading which makes the methods used, the results, and the conclusions along with other sections easily identifiable. Throughout these articles medical and statistical terms are used, thus it would helpful to have some knowledge of medical terms as well as have had some experience with statistics or be able to have quick access to a way to understand these terms such as someone within the health care professions. In addition to the more complex vocabulary, the sentences are longer and may be separated by statistical or other relevant information which may cause the reader’s focus to shift for a moment while

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