Characteristics Of Social Superstructure

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In Marxist theory, social structure consists of two parts - Base and Superstructure. This base and superstructure designate the social relations of a historically determined society as a whole in which material relations represent the real base or the foundation of society where as political, religious, philosophical and ideological relations etc. represent the superstructure, which rise upon the given base and are determined by the base. The historically determined base in turns determines the nature and type of social superstructure. A radical change in the economic stricture of a given society produces change and radical transformation in the
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According to this theory, what happened in the society is created by materialistic or economic circumstances. What man has founded from the primitive age to till now, like religion, marriage system, art, culture, civilisation are all determined by the material or economic condition. For this reason Marx was of the opinion that economy is the base of all things. The economy of a given society determines its social, religious and cultural life. So we can say that civilisation of a particular stage entirely depend upon the economic condition or economic environment of that stage. For example, the economic environment of primitive age was based on slavery, that of feudalism in mediaeval age and of capitalism in the modern age. According to Marxist theory, in future a new economic condition will arise upon within the womb of modern capitalist society, which would replace the entire economic system of capitalism and establish a new economic system according to which the entire superstructure will be transformed into different shape [Joseph Stalin 1975;

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