Characteristics of Services Compared to Goods Essay

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1. Introduction
Services’ marketing is a sub field of marketing which covers the marketing of both goods and services. Goods marketing include the marketing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and durables. Services marketing typically refer to the marketing of both business to consumer and business to business services. Common examples of service marketing are found in telecommunications, air travel, health care, financial services, all types of hospitality services, car rental services, and professional services.
Services are economic activities, rather than tangible products, offered by one party to another. Rendering a service to recipients, objects, or other assets depends on a time-sensitive performance to bring about the desired
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We want to find out differences between services and goods and here we tried to show some example. We tried to show that service is also importance as goods but they have some characteristically differences. Services are so important in Business sector. We want to know that the differences. 1.3 Scope of the Term paper: To fulfil the Service Marketing course of BBA Program of University of Information Technology & Science (UITS) as well as to gain theoretical exposures about differences between goods and services. We have selected a topic of by getting the opportunity. We have highlighted some basic differences between goods and services of service marketing course and we are showing some example of services and give some comments about result. 1.4 Limitation of the report:
However, “Characteristics of services compared to goods” is an important topic. Therefore, to make the term paper on its huge enough data from the different place, we have faced many obstacles to complete. It is very tough to complete the term paper with in short Span of time. Nevertheless, we have finished the term paper by hard working very effectively by this time.

2. Characteristics of services:

2.1. Intangibility
Services are activities performed by the provider, unlike physical products they cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelt before they are consumed. Since, services are not tangibles, they do not have features that appeal to

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