Characteristics Of Organizational Behavior

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Nowadays, people skills have made an essential impact in workplace, and it can yield many important organizational outcomes. Therefore, studying organizational behaviors will help people understand the relationship between work and its social environment. According to the textbook, organizational behavior is defined as “the study of what people do in an organization and how their behaviors affect the organization’s performance” (3). Since organizational behaviors is concerned with employment related issue such as jobs, employment turnover rates, productivity, work, and management, specifically, management plays an essential role in an organization. Managers have numbers of important roles within firm’s evolution and grow because
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Manager Almendarez states that numbers of team members could changes from one project to another. To him, a well-organized team will generate positive synergy through collaboration. He lists four characteristics of an organized work team which are supervision, appreciation, accountability, and management. According to Manager Almendarez, these are the essential traits of a good team. When a team have a supervision, it will enhance the main objectives and goals within the team. Showing appreciation is necessary in any of work environment because it encourages the positive attitude. Once, we are in a team, there are individual and mutual responsibilities that we have to be accountable for. Lastly, the management itself is important in a team. Manager Almendarez thinks that it is important to understand each employees’ expertise before forming a team because each employee might have different skills that complementary each other. In this way, the company is maximizing the resources and increasing learning opportunities in a …show more content…
For example, if your colleague is actively nodding his head and smile, we will know that he is engaged in the conversation. In addition, face to face communication is more direct and save a lot time in comparison to email back and forward.
Lastly, face to face communication also adds the personal touch to employees, and it promotes a sense of community and interaction in workplace. When employees having face to face communication with their clients and stakeholders, they could build trust by have a conversation them, and create a better working relationship at the same time.

One of the main communication barriers exist in the company is the time zone barriers. Often, the employees have to work with others outside of the U.S because RSM is an international company, and they provide service to U.S based companies that located outside of United State. They hold many virtual meeting to communicate; however, time zone barriers could lead to delay in

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