Characteristics Of Naja Nigricollis Woodi

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Register to read the introduction… Some specimens are blackish, pale grey from colour with a yellow or reddish ventral side with a broad black neck band, and often do they have a orange or pinkish bar on the neck. Other specimens can be yellowish brown or have a yellow copper colour and are missing the bandings around the neck and also the reddish colour on the belly. Other specimens are known to be deep red-brown from colour, agqain other specimens maybe olive brown or greenish in colour and some of them are often mistaken as the Mozambique Spitting Cobra (Naja mossambica).
Naja nigricollis woodi; Also this species is a strongly build snake but is much smaller than the Black-necked. Adults are shiny
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Naja nigricollis nigricincta; Central and Northern Namibia probably in South Angola .
Naja nigricollis nigricollis; This subspecies lives in savanna regions and semi-dessert. They can be found on heights up to 1800 m. They also live in coastal scrubs and dry grassland. They hide in termite mountains and abundant rodent holes, but also hollow trees and trunks are favorit hiding place. This subspecies is nocturnal. Its often found in human surrounding hunting for pest animals like rats and mice. This species is also a good climber and is often found in trees.
Naja nigricollis woodi; This species can be found in rocky area and mountains they are often found nearby permanent water holes. They hide in rock outcrops and is pretty rare and not often seen.
Naja nigricollis nigricincta; This species is also nocturnal and can be found in semi dessert and dry savanna regions. In the morning can they be found basking nearby there hiding places that are mostly termite mounts and abundant rodent holes. Captive Behaviour (only Naja nigricollis

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