Characteristics Of Leadership Style Of The New Generation

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In many situations people follow management because they have to, however the ideal scenario would be where people follow leaders because they want to. Ergo, an obvious trend has arisen whereby managers are seeking to develop leadership skills. This, combined with the acceptance of the participative leadership style is also resulting

The ability to manage expectations & priorities
One of the more contemporary and desirable traits of effective leaders is their ability to manage expectations. That includes managing the expectations of investors, shareholders, employees, suppliers, the community and other stakeholders; trying to deliver too much too soon often results in nothing being delivered particularly well. In his book, “From Good to Great, Jim Collins, a highly regarded ” author on leadership writes, “We've all been told that leaders make
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The pioneers of this leadership style mainly connect over the Internet, rather than through face-to-face interactions, and fully exploit technology to forge an innovative and creative path. They have the drive to disperse physically and geographically as they do not need to be managed and only ask for help when absolutely necessary. Statistics revealed by The Herman Group predict an increase by 40% of home-based work by the year 2020. Using primarily networking and negotiation skills, these types of leaders focus on the bigger picture and coordinate directions taken by independent workers. In this new leadership setting, the lesstechnologically able leaders may feel challenged. Learning and development resources remain indispensable to draw in different styles of leadership and outline various approaches to the new trend. Resources covering leadership topics include Online Learning Portals with live-scenario based training films on a broad spectrum of business challenges.

The Future of Leadership
CCL has found that the number one ranked skill in terms of importance for employees is leading people. 73% of respondents stated that leading people is important for success now, but an even greater percentage of 89% stated that it will be the most important factor for success in the future. Due to vast technological advancements, an increasing trend in leadership styles called ‘Self-Leadership’ is now being seen more

Tips for Leaders to Plan

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