Characteristics Of High Performance Teams Essay

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Characteristics of High Performance Teams
Functional teams, virtual teams, quality circles, and self-managing teams all have an underlying similarity; they, as a united group of individual with a similar purpose, are more efficient and valuable to an organization than any on e the singular members alone. Most corporations have evolved and begun using teams in order to produce outcomes. A key benefit of workingin teams is that members of teams also have the ability to hold one another accountable. When multiple people are working together, it is likely that the stronger team member will encourage and develop the weaker of the members. This increases productivity and leaves the corporations with stronger, more developed employees. However, many mangers find themselves striving incessantly to manufacture these high functioning teams only to result in failure. An ample amount of research has been done on teams, but further research is necessary in order to isolate what truly makes a team high performing. This paper will compile the current research and establish what research has found to be the best formula to establish and maintain a high performance team.
In order to develop high performance teams, leadership must initially form a team of capable individuals who, after sharing experiences, are able to accomplish a diverse range of tasks necessary to complete organizational goals. Ultimately, high performance teams, irrespective of the current situation are capable of…

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