Characteristics Of Group Therapy In A Romantic Comedy

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Identifying the Similarities of Group Therapy in a Romantic Comedy Thanks for Sharing is a romantic comedy that deals with real life issues. It encompasses many of the elements that will present themselves during group therapy. In fact, the movie addresses relationships among group members, group leaders, mentors, sponsors and their role in assisting each other refrain from inappropriate behavior. It ties into the concept, each one teach one and the energy it requires to be accountable along with getting through to an individual. How do leaders and members carry out this task? Simply by being there for one another in their time of need. Importantly to be there for an individual, requires courage, a willingness to model, acceptable behavior, …show more content…
So when dealing with individuals who have issues that need to be resolved, family and friends should take time to assess their own situation and work on behaviors that need to be fixed which would result in improvement in their life as well. In doing so one will not feel neglected by the process and events, an individual with issues has to adhere to reach a point of normalcy. Another part of the movie I found relatable is that one of the main characters in the group was court mandated. At the onset of the group he didn’t read or make any attempt to understand the group process and the impact it could have on his life. He chose not to do the work until his life came crashing down on him. He then realized it was time for him to get himself together, because the sex addiction was impacting his life in a very negative way. Getting back to underlying issues, his problems to me could stem from all that inappropriate touching his mother was displaying. It made me think that she might have molested him at some point in his life. A number of conclusions could be drawn from the nature of that relationship. Also, he was a loner but once he relaxed and let things flow he gained a friend in the group and this allowed him to establish a relationship with a woman, instead of just looking at them as objects he

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