Charles Darwin's Theories Of Natural Selection

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Natural selection
Natural selection is when an organism is born with a mutation that is advantageous to its species survival and reproduction. There are four components in Darwin’s theory of natural selection, the first is variation within the community of organisms as they will all exhibit different behavioural traits and have a different appearance though some characteristics stay the same like the number of eyes in vertebrates. The second is inheritance which is when a child possesses traits from the parent which are heritable. Some traits are caused by the environment conditions which show weak heredity. The third is a high rate of population growth this means that there are more offspring each year than there are resources causing resource
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He pondered on the question of how one species could evolve from another and how competition and sexual selection could cause a change in a species. Lamarck also made a contribution to the theory of evolution. He believed in change through use and disuse, he thought that if an animal used a certain organ enough that it would increase in its lifeline. For example if a giraffe stretched its neck enough for leaves nervous fluid would flow into its neck and make the neck longer. He believed that the offspring would inherit the long neck and that it would keep increasing over the generations. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is that there is a common ancestor that all life is descended and related from. He believed that life was developed from non-life. That complex creatures are have more simple ancestors and that over time they modified which he called descent with modification. This says that some organisms will have mutations, the mutations that are beneficial will be passed on and the non-beneficial mutations will not have the change to reproduce and die off. Over the generations this will occur and the end organism will barely resemble the …show more content…
If evolution is to be believed than religion is disproved because if humans were formed by natural selection than god didn’t create everything on earth. When these theories were being released religion was a very important aspect for the majority of the public and so their theories would exclude them from the majority of the public as their thoughts would be considered to insult god. Though the release of these theories also changed the thoughts of allot of people who started to accept evolution as the

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